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Re: Setup API, The next step (Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal)

Dave Neil <davidne@corel.ca> writes:

   Here's an idea for a time table.
   1.For Potato i386 we work together support an X install and the new
   setup API  system. Perhaps a joint GTK based install GUI if it would
   help move this forward.
   2.Other platforms would fall into place as they become ready. They then
   could be released as updates or we wait till the next release after

   3.We help with the dselect replacement, perhaps starting with work based
   around gnome-apt.

I for one like what I see so far.  I want to encourage Corel to
improve Debian setup.  I hope that you can either commit directly to
the debian boot-floppies or at least start a world-readable cvs tree
of your own.  That way everyone will be able to look at what you're
doing and make comments or suggestions.



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