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Re: Freeze date for potato?

At 17:45 -0400 1999-05-07, Michael Stone wrote:
On Fri, May 07, 1999 at 04:43:35PM -0400, Branden Robinson wrote:
On Fri, May 07, 1999 at 08:43:15PM +0200, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> glibc-2.1.x update is more or less done. But what about the new perl?

If it's not in by now, do we really want to hold the new release up for
a couple of more months? Let it wait for next time.

More importantly, the boot-floppies need quite a bit of work for potato; Linux 2.2.x is too large for the rescue/drivers system, and glibc 2.1 broke our library reduction hack.
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