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weekly policy summary

Bug: 37233
Title: FORMAL structure for DEBIAN-POLICY debate
Posted: 07 May 1999
Proposer: Gordon Matzigkeit
Status: unknown
 Lays out a set of legalistic guidlines to be used when discussing
 changes to policy. Spurred by recent flamefest on debian-policy.
 Manoj Srivastava formally objected to this proposal, and was seconded by
 Joey Hess and Oliver Elphick.

Bug: 37251
Title: software depending on non-US
Posted: 06 May 1999
Proposer: Marco d'Itri
Seconders: Gordon Matzigkeit, Joseph Carter
Status: discussion
 Proposal to allow software that depends on software in non-us into main
 (currently restricted to contrib).

Title: configuration of packages
Posted: 5 May 1999
Proposer: Brederlow
Status: discussion
 Draft proposal to graft user-friendly and/or automatic install-time
 configuring of packages onto dpkg.

Bug: 37257
Title: libtool archive (*.la) files in -dev' packages
Posted: 4 May 1999
Proposer: Ossama Othman
Seconders: Marcus Brinkmann, Marcelo E. Magallon
Status: discussion
 .la files aren't useless, libtool can use them and they are essential
 to programs that use libltdl. Proposal is to include .la files in -dev
 packages if they are produced by the build process.

Title: moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy
Posted: 1 May 1999
Proposer: Chris Waters
Seconders: Joey Hess, Karl M. Hegbloom
Status: discussion
 Identical to proposal #36051, with addition of top-level Help menu.

Title: logrotation
Posted: 28 Apr 1999
Proposer: Balazs Scheidler
Seconders: Brock Rozen, Raphaël Hertzog, Brian Almeida, Marco d'Itri
Status: consensus
 Proposal to change to using logrotate instead of savelog.

Title: Scripts PROPOSAL
Posted: 22 Apr 1999
Proposer: Brock Rozen
Status: stalled
 Proposal to require that scripts ensure the environment they run in is
 sensible, by sanitizing PATH and TZ.
 No consensus. IFS may need to be sanitized as well.

Bug: 36051
Title: moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy
Posted: 14 Apr 1999
Proposer: Joey Hess
Seconders: Raphael Hertzog, Joseph Carter, Branden Robinson
Status: stalled
 Proposal to move existing menu hierarcy text into policy with only small
 changes, and postpone large changes until later.

Items will remain on this list until stalled for 2 weeks or done.
An item becomes stalled if there is no activity for 1 week.
I'm only making my best guess about items the group is in consensus
about, and I won't mark anything as status: consensus until people have
had at least one week to comment on it.

see shy jo

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