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Re: Freeze date for potato?

In article <E10fVMQ-00088S-00@rpglink.com> you write:
>>why? that is just plain old mean. :( the release master(s) should not 
>>be the only one to know when we are going to freeze/release...
>    To prevent a rash of uploads right before the freeze date which, in turn,
>introduces a rash of new bugs which, in turn, extends the freeze period as
>the maintainers try to remove the bugs that were introduced in the first
>place.  I think the whole point some people have been driving is that
>packages should be updated regardless of the freeze time and any maintainer
>that snoozes, looses.

IMHO - it depends how major the change is. If it is only minor (eg
a fix straight away, as chances are you will only find more problems
correcting a spelling mistake, fixing a depends problem, fixing a Makefile
problem) then it may not be worth uploading straight away, in case
other similar problems come up.

However, you are right in that major changes should not occur right
before the freeze date, unless the package is already so badly
broken that it is unusable.

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