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Intent to package extipl


Extended-IPL is a (yet another) boot selector. 

With this boot selector, you can select a partition from 
all the partitions including the logical partitions as well as 
the primary ones in all the BIOS supported disks when booting a PC,
and then it will boot up the OS reside at the selected partition.

# And it has sample IPL code using LBA (extended read) BIOS.

It was previously debianized by Akira YOSHIYAMA <yosshy@debian.or.jp>
using older versin 19930310 for Debian JP project.

Recently new version 19990430 has come out, and I wish to use
the new version on my Debian system, so I am going to be a package
maintainer, and I will upload this package to Debian Project :).

# I will send a register mail to new-maintainer@debian.org 

  t.sano: <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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