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Re: Intent to package nightfall

> 	I have tried to package it however I have had some GTK problems, it
> seems that when I run 'configure' I can compile nightfall but not with
> 'configure -prefix=/usr' (which is the default in debian/rules). This was
> last friday and I did not have time to check it further.

I actually noticed that a couple weeks ago too while trying to make an rpm,
and submitted a bug report to the author. We figured out that the problem
was that I had a really old gtk installed, and also his ./configure script
looked for the wrong files to decide if I have gnome or not. I believe he is
resolving the problem, and it should be ready in time for .13 or .14.

> 	You can retrieve a copy (source modified) at:
> 	http://www.dat.etsit.upm.es/~jfs/debian/DO/nightfall
> 	If you want to take it and see if you can make if work feel free to
> do so.. I found this at www.seoul.org and given the current thread on

more specifically, http://www.seul.org/ and

> educational software for Linux I thought it would be interesting to include
> it :)
> 	Regards
> 	Javi
I'm glad to see that people are taking an interest in packaging educational
apps for Debian. If any of the other apps on the seul-edu site look
worthwhile, feel free to grab and package them.

--Roger (SEUL project leader)

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