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Re: problematic license

Daniel Martin wrote:
  >Joop Stakenborg <aba@casema.net> writes:
  >> After contacting the author of one of my packages (psk31lx), he has change
  >> the license, which might allow us to put it into main. Here it is:
  >> --------------------------------------------------------------------
  >> This software may be distributed as freeware, as long as it is only
  >> used for amateuer radio purposes.
  >> Explicit permission is given to distribute this software freely on
  >> Internet FTP/WWW-servers, Telephon Mailboxes, Amateur Packet BBS and
  >> CD-ROMs, as long as the reference to the author is not removed.
  >> --------------------------------------------------------------------
  >> The way I read this is:
  >> Anyone can distribute this, but only amateur radio operators can use it.

The list of means of distribution is too specific.  It excludes tape,
floppy disk, DVD and anything else that may be developed in the future.
Why list methods at all?

Secondly, the wording puts responsibility for checking the use of the
software on the distributor ("... may be distributed...as long as...").
Since we cannot check this, we cannot distribute the software, even in

Oh yes, one more thing: the spelling is "amateur" ... like the drafting.

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