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Re: sensible-browser script ?

On Fri, Apr 30, 1999 at 01:06:13PM +1000, Gus wrote:
> can we add a sensible-browser script ? (that honours BROWSER env
> variable, or something)
> at present, there are several places where browsers are guessed, eg:
> dhelp and urlview. it seems that centralising this would be a better
> solution
> (my motivation is that urlview (for mutt) hasn't been able to find
> netscape since the move to the navigator-smotif style netscape
> packaging)

on a tangentially-related note, it would be good to have a
'browser-remote' script too. programs like wmheadlines launch "netscape
-remote ...." which can take many seconds to start up.

on systems where gnome-moz-remote is installed, it should use that
instead as it starts much faster than netscape.

gnome-moz-remote is:

$ dlocate -S gnome-moz-remote
gnome-bin: /usr/bin/gnome-moz-remote


craig sanders

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