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logos : "Pancho" released


If you are interested, you can see the second logo ( Debian un-official)
at the following location :


Or you can get the following files by anonymous ftp ( at polynum.com in

debians_base.jpg.tar 30720 bytes  [ the two original drafts ( the
silhouettes ) ; if you're not satisfied with the coloured versions ( I'm
not) and want to do some tests, these files are for you.]

debians.jpg.tar 30720 bytes [ the two coloured logos in their current
state ]

DQM is now for me the name of the bicephalous centaur which inherits
from Cervantes Don Quichotte and Rossinante.
Pancho is the name of the one which inherits from Cervantes Sancho Panca
and the donkey.

I'm not satisfied by my work on the colours for DQM : thus, consider it
as an alpha.

Feedback still welcome !



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