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Re: intent to create virtual package "mysql-server"

On Sun, May 02, 1999 at 07:58:35PM +0200, Christian Hammers wrote:
> I'm the new MySQL maintainer. Since the mysql programmer decided to give
> away the version before the current version as GPL (starting in about a
> month or too), I decided (after talking to the former mysql maintainers) 
> to create a new package structure for the mysql packages:
> 	mysql-nonfree-server		(most recent version)
> 	mysql-server			(coming soon...older version)
> 	mysql-client			(most recent version)
> 	mysql-doc			(most recent version)	
> 	mysql-dev			(most recent version)
> So I like to make a "Provides: mysqld-server" in the two server packages.

IIRC The mysql website says that the gpl version of their server would
be called GNU MySQL.  Perhaps calling the packages gnu-mysql-server or
something like that would work well. 

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