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Re: intent to package common music

zhaoway <zhaoway@mud.jlonline.com> writes:

> Bradley Bell wrote:
> > Does anybody else think that adding any more two-letter packages is a bad
> > idea? -- There are at least 33 now.

> Really bad. It is nearly impossible for me to search it at most
> of the search engines. 

> I run a Red Hat Inet server (I'm in China, that time
> i've no Debian CD by hand :( I run Debian on my desktop.
> I like Debian's some warez, but it's in .deb or .orig.tar.gz,
> so i would go to google or somewhere to look up if there were .rpm's
> But those confusing names always confused both me and the search
> engine. 

> So, I would suggest you use some unique names.
> Even only if it's meaningful is not enough, IMHO.

> i.e. try to search aaaa or list-manager in google.com, you will
> see what I mean ;) 

Try searching on www.freshmeat.net, it's database only contains
computer programs.


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