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Re: debhelper v2

Edward Betts wrote:
> Do it automatically, if it has not already been done manually and have an
> option to turn it off.
> All files in /etc/init.d must be conf files. So they can not be changed by a
> postinst script. If you have settings that are set in a script, they go in a
> seperate conf file that is sourced by the init.d script.

Ok, init.d script were a bad idea (I think that policy is flawed, btw.
Policy allows in general for files in /etc to not be registed as conffiles
if you offer an interface to allow modifications to them).

A better example is using dh_installmodules to stick a module fragment in
/etc/modutils/, or using dh_installmenu to stick a menu-method file in
/etc/menu-methods/. In either of these cases, policy allows the file to not
be a conffile, if you have an interface to let it be modified.

see shy jo

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