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Re: debhelper v2

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> * dh_installmanpages will be made into a non-DWIM program, so you'll have to
>   specify all man pages to install and possibly where to put them.

This is going to break a *lot* of packages!  Far more, I suspect, than
any of the other changes.  Not that I'm objecting, just commenting....

(The fact that 2/3rds of my packages will break might have *some*
bearing on why I bothered to post, though....:-))

Also, might be nice if dh_installmanpages could get its info from
debian/<package>.man (with, OC, debian/man as the default for the
first package).  I don't know if there's any sane way to make this
work, but it's worth thinking about, imo...

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