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Policy Weekly for May 1

Hi everyone, this is an experiment to try to get weekly postings of policy
topics happening again. Now seems like a good time, since the policy list
has been having some active proposals on it recently. Notice that this has a
very regular format - if I keep doing it I will try to automate as much of
it as possible. To that end, I'd like to encourage everyone to post policy
proposals as wishlist bugs, using Manoj's guidlines

Items will remain on this list until stalled for 2 weeks or done.
An item becomes stalled if there is no activity for 1 week.

Bug: 21875
Title: fixing nntpserver inconsitency
Begin-date: 23 Apr 1999
Proposed-by: Joey Hess
Seconders: Branden Robinson, Santiago Vila, Raphael Hertzog
Status: done
 Change /etc/nntpserver to /etc/news/server.

Bug: 36051
Title: moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy
Begin-date: 14 Apr 1999
Proposed-by: Joey Hess
Seconders: Raphael Hertzog, Joseph Carter, Branden Robinson
Status: discussion
 Proposal to move existing menu hierarcy text into policy with only small
 changes, and postpone large changes until later.
 There was some discussion, but we didn't clearly reach a consensus.
 No-one disagrees that some menu structure should be added to policy, but
 there is some disagreement that the suggested structure should go in as-is.

Title: Scripts PROPOSAL
Begin-date: 22 Apr 1999
Proposed-by: Brock Rozen
Status: discussion
 Proposal to require that scripts ensure the environment they run in is
 sensible, by sanitizing PATH and TZ. 
 No consensus. IFS may need to be sanitized as well.

Title: logrotation
Begin-date: 28 Apr 1999
Proposed-by: Balazs Scheidler
Seconders: Brock Rozen, Raphaël Hertzog, Brian Almeida, Marco d'Itri
Status: consensus
 Proposal to change to using logrotate instead of savelog.

see shy jo

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