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Re: netscape crashes on potato


> I'm not sure if it's me or not...but on 3 out of 4 of my potato systems,
> Netscape seems to crash an awful lot with bus errors.  I've tried several
> different versions out of potato as well as 2 different ones staring from
> netscape's site.
> Is this just me??or is this a glibc2.1 issue?

Netscape works fine for me on a current potato system:
$ dpkg --list "*communicator*" | grep "^ii"
ii  communicator-ba 4.51-1         Communicator base support for version 4.51
ii  communicator-ne 4.51-1         Communicator online help for version 4.51
ii  communicator-sm 4.51-1         Netscape Communicator 4.51 (static Motif)
$ dpkg --list "*netscape*" | grep "^ii"
ii  netscape-base-4 14             Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (bas
ii  netscape-base-4 4.51-1         4.51 base support for netscape
ii  netscape-java-4 4.51-1         Netscape Java support for version 4.51    
$ dpkg --list "*libc6*" | grep "^ii"
ii  libc6           2.1.1-1        GNU C Library: Shared libraries and timezone
ii  libc6-dbg       2.1.1-1        GNU C Library: Libraries with debugging symb
ii  libc6-dev       2.1.1-1        GNU C Library: Development libraries and hea
ii  libc6-pic       2.1.1-1        GNU C Library: PIC archive library     

I have got a problem with imp though, that I don't observe on any other
system. I shall report that on the imp mailinglist.

Regards, Thomas

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