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Re: German Dictionary (fwd)

On 29 Apr 1999, Bob Hilliard wrote:

> > That's right.  The best way would be if Xstreak would use dict.
> > Than we would have to support only one database.
>      If Xstreak is a front end to the steak program, like wordinspect
> is a front end to dict, you would have to have steak packaged for dict
> first.
>      (I'm confused.  Is it steak or streak, and is that the name for
> the database of for the script (or binary) that accesses the
> dictionary?)
It is "steak" and it is a shell script which uses sed and grep to
search a database which has a source of format 

<German 8-Bit word[s]> :: <Englisch word[s]>

IN the installation process this database is translated into

<German 7-Bit word[s]> :: <German 8-Bit word[s]> :: <Englisch word[s]>

The frontend Xsteak builds commandline for steak and reads its output.
>      Look at man dictd(8), DATABASE FORMAT for some information about
> the Dict Protocol.
I've done this but didn't find the time at this moment.  The problem
is, that steak uses the plain ASCII database and dict converts to binary
in installation process, right?
>      If steak was a set of simple word pairs, it would suffice to mark
> the both German and English words as headwords, and set the pair as
> the definition.  If there was more explanatory text in each language,
> this simplistic approach would have problems.  Most of the effort in
> making a new dictionary work with dict is in the formatting software.
> Usually the code for dict (client) or dictd (server) isn't touched at
> all.
I think it requires more work.
Kind regards


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