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Re: German Dictionary (fwd)

Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de> writes:


> >      I asked him about the copyright status of his work.  He replied:
> > 
> > > sure, it's gpl'ed. at least i think so. the wordlists are from
> > >  ftp://ftp.leo.org/pub/comp/doc/dict
> > > and there's nothing about copyrights nor licenses.
> > > but i will contact the maintainers of www.leo.org/dict
> > > about the status, though they are a little bit obscure.
> > 
> >      I would appreciate it if you, or another German speaker on this
> > list, would look into that ftp site to try to discover the copyright
> > status of the dictionary.
> I had a look at the FTP site and the Web Site but can't find any
> license statement.  There is a copyright notice at bottom of
>    http://www.leo.org/dict/corr.html
> for the "LEO Dictionary Team".  Had Marcel Hild any success or should
> I try to write in German language to the authors?

     I don't think he had any success.  He never heard anything
further from him.

> >      If it is DFSG free, I could package it with Marcel Hild's
> > formatter as part of the dict suite.  Marcel's work is available from
> > ftp://ftp.id-pro.de/pub/Unix/Database/Dict.
> The directory ftp://ftp.id-pro.de/pub/Unix doesn't exist.  I can only
> find ftp://ftp.id-pro.de/pub/Database/Dict, which seems to be what you
> mentioned.  It is a good work because the original database from LEO
> needs correction (at the very first view I detected a word doubling).
> >      Instead of writing a perl script to look up words in steak, I
> > suggest you look into the DICT protocol, and consider modifying some
> > of the Dict Project's programs to work with steak.  I am sure dict is
> > much faster than any grep/sed or perl scripts can be.
> I would like to see it packaged and will try to contact the authors
> (if Marcel didn't stop me until next week).  But steak has
> some advantages (for instance translating the contents of the
> cut-n-paste buffer of X).  Are there any plans to implement such
> stuff into dict.

     I don't think so.  The author of dictd is too busy to make bug
fixes in the original, so I doubt if he plans any extensions,
certainly not any to a GUI environment.  However, wordinspect, which I
just adopted from Joey Schulze, is a graphical front end to dict.  It
will look up a word from the cut-n-paste buffer of X.

> May be you could check the program Xstreak if it couldn't work as
> DICT userinterface.  Xstreak is mainly a wrapper around the
> streak shell script and should be possibly useful for other
> programs.

     It sounds similar to wordinspect in that respect.

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