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Re: KDE debs

On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> On a side note, if anyone has net accessable non-i386 systems that I can build
> .deb's on I'd appreciate it.  I would love to be able to build the packages I
> maintain myself instead of having to play tag with the different autobuild
> folks. (nothing against them, it just takes a few rungs out of the ladder...plus
> I learn more. :))

I think xia0[123] would be your best bet; from the motd:

             Welcome to Debian-UltraLinux Project!
  xia01: UltraSPARC I-170, 64MB, 3.5GB(system+/home2), 13GB(/Debian)
         Debian 2.1 (slink) Kernel 2.2.1 (updated on 3/27/99)
  xia02: SPARCstation LX, 96MB, 1.08GB, Debian 2.1 (Slink) 
         Kernel 2.2.1 (updated on 4/24/99)
  xia03: Sun Ultra30, UltraSPARC II-250, 128MB, 4.2GB(system and data)
         UltraPenguin-1.0.9, kernel 2.1.125

  Note: xia01 and xia02 are contributed by Kachina Technologies, Inc.
  and xia03 is a loan system contributed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

These are running slink.  I have a potato on a SPARC classic, but it
inside a firewall (the box goes out through ip-masq).  If you can tell me
how to allow incoming connections, the box is yours.  Alternatively, I
could build for you.

For logins on xia0[123], contact:

Ward Deng <wdeng@kachinatech.com>


Sanjeev "Ghane" Gupta			Tel: +91(11) 6941831, 6946619
Eurolink Systems Ltd			Fax: +91(11) 6943732
New Delhi, India		      email: ghane@eurolink.stpn.soft.net
          Eurolink doesn't pay me to speak for it, so I don't
           Old age is not an accomplishment, nor youth a sin

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