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Intent to package: Debian User's Guide Edition 2

I intend to package the online version of Dale Scheetz's book
`Debian User's Guide Edition 2', available from
www.linuxpress.com.  It'll go in non-free. 

  Copyright (c) 1998 by Dale Scheetz 
  All rights to the publication and distribution of this book in
  printed form are held by Dale Scheetz, with exclusive license
  of those rights granted to Linux Press. Any production for
  resale of this document in hard copy form is strictly forbidden
  outside this exclusive license to Linux Press.
  Distribution of the print version of this book must be arranged
  through Linux Press.
  Although distribution of printed copies of this book are
  restricted, electronic copies of this book may be distributed
  freely via any electronic media. Proper use of the electronic
  form of this book permits the end user to make hard copy
  printouts for personal use only.

I've already asked Dale to package it, but he'd prefer someone
else do it.

Peter Galbraith <psg@debian.org>

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