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Re: RFC: debhelper v2

Christoph Lameter wrote:
> debmake originally implemented multi-binary packages that way. The
> problems is that patch on some platforms does not allow the creation of
> directories. For example for my experiments with Debian/Solaris I could
> not use the native patch tool to generate the sourcepackages.
> There is or was something in the policy too about diffs not generating new
> directories. With such a scheme you would have to. I hope that policy does
> no longer exist.

I was assumming that policy no longer existed, for some reason, and that
dpkg-souce could handle it. Tests show it does... does anyone know if this
is ok to do nowadays? 

Ah, the packaging manual says:

          All the directories in the diff must exist, except the `debian'
	  subdirectory of the top of the source tree, which will be created
	  by `dpkg-source' if necessary when unpacking.

see shy jo

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