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Intent to package windows-el

Hi, I'm packaging "windows-el" for Debian.

Description: Window manager for GNU Emacs
 You can divide  the screen of GNU Emacs  as many as you  like.
 Since efficiency of implementation or so  depends  much  on  the
 style  of  window division,  you  may have  your  own  style  of
 partitioning.   But  if you  switch the  mode to  e-mail mode or
 NetNews mode, they break your favorite style.
 Windows.el  enables  you  to  have  multiple  favorite  window
 configurations at the  same time, and switch them.  Furthermore,
 it can save all window  configurations into a  file and  restore
 them correctly.


;;; (c) 1993-1999 by HIROSE Yuuji [yuuji@ae.keio.ac.jp]
;;;     This program is distributed as a free  software. The author is
;;;   not responsible  for  any  possible   defects   caused  by  this
;;;   software.

I think this DSFG free.


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