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intent to package emwin

Hello Debian,

I intend to be the upstream author and the Debian packager for

Some Background:

The U.S. National Weather Service operates the 
"Emergency Managers Weather Information Network" - EMWIN.
See http://iwin.nws.noaa.gov/emwin/index.htm

I wrote some programs to decode the data stream and look at the
various text and graphics information. So far my efforts are the only
non-commercial software listed by the NWS.

See also http://www.amrad.org/skywarn.html:
(Note: aa4hs@amrad.org == bottoms@debian.org)
EMWIN software for Unix

Maitland Bottoms, aa4hs, has written support software for handling the
EMWIN data as broadcast. So far emwin decodes the serial data stream
into files. The text files can be looked at directly with more. The
Satellite Image files can be viewed with the help of sattopgm. The
other graphics files can be parsed with utf.

Note that the BETA Code includes a LaTeX version of the documentation
for the National Weather Services "Universal Transmission

The current plan is to utilize the "Soundcard Modem" features of
recent Linux kernels (standard in 2.0.35 now!), increasing the number
of users who already have the right hardware to receive the data. Just
plug the audio from your scanner into your soundcard.

Project goals:

 Add a GUI.

 Make it dump data into HTML to be used with Web clients.

 Make it a server as well as a client.

 Use the client and server as a testbed for improving the broadcast
 data dissemination protocols.

 Encourage the use of non-proprietary protocols by the National
 Weather Service (there is currently a problem with a data compression 


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