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Re: Rumination on the new list idea, another take

shaleh@clifford.livenet.net writes:

> Hmm, pondering complaints people give about the mailing list I wonder, could
> debian.org host a nntp server for the debian lists?  Let those who want mail
> get it, those who pay for the minute and what not could troll the nntp server.
> This would avoid the "I had to download 600 messages and read 50" syndrome.
> Threads are well managed (yes I know many mail clients do, but many dont).
> Seems like a win.  We already archive the lists, this should not be hard.
> Arrangements could be made to make it not be completely open to the public. We
> could make it user/pass locked or some other scheme. 
> Yes I realize that news gates exist, but I for one lack access to a decent news
> feed.
> Comments?

 I would like this; I'd rather access that with `gnus' than run
 fetchmail to pull down > 150 messages every day.  It would be a very
 good thing to create a debian newsgroup heirarchy, I think.  Perhaps
 `gnu.debian.*', for public groups, and then some on debian.org for
 internal use.  I don't like having to fetchmail so many messages.

 Karl M. Hegbloom

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