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Re: savelog can lose data

Guy Maor wrote:
> Yes, savelog does assume that programs periodically reopen their log
> files.  The first rotation of the logfile from log to log.0 is safe,
> but the second rotation from log.0 to log.1.gz is not.  This is even
> documented in the BUGS section of manpage.
> If you are worried, the simple solution is to not gzip files.  Call it
> with the -l flag.  Data could then be lost when the final log is
> deleted, log.<cycle-1>.  Daemons are expected to reopen their log
> files once a day or so.

And if they don't, you can and should restart them after calling savelog. I
wonder if something should be added to debian policy section 4.8 about this?

see shy jo

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