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I'm maintaining the scwm package. I apologize for my absence in the past
months, but I was very very busy and I had problems with my net connection. 
I'd like to thank Vincent Renardias for his NMU: without his intervention
scwm would'nt be in slink.
I updated my pgp key with pgp -ke (I changed my email address) and I uploaded 
scwm_0.9-1 in Incoming. Is this sufficient or I must contact
update-maintainer (I keeped my old user-id in the key and I did'nt
regenerate it)?
I plan to use gpg in the future: what must I do to update my key? 

kind regards

Francesco Tapparo                                 tapparo@mat.unimi.it
GNU fanatic                                       cesco@debian.org

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