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Re: Scripts PROPOSAL

> > How about this, first incarnation mentioned by AJ: 
> > Scripts must not assume the environment is at all sensible, and should do
> > something to ensure that the environment that they need is present.
> This isn't even vaguely useful as it stands. It *needs* to be followed
> by a "This can be achieved in the following manner...".

how about his idea: make a sh script /etc/init.d/rc-env which is part of
sysvinit and sets up an environment to be used by all /etc/init.d scripts?
then they would only need the line ". /etc/init.d/rc-env" and the
environment would be guarnateed sensible.

on a related note, does anyone have an opinion on which of the various su
replacements works best for the purpose of making you root without changing
anything in the working environment, so that i don't have to mess with ~root
when things need to be done? i have written a little program 'sux' which
does that, but i have not enough knowledge to make sure that it's secure (in
fact i'm fairly certain it is not).

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