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Corel issues the press release


they have published the news. 


"Corel has chosen to work with KDE as our preferred desktop interface
because we believe its development is further ahead than other
offerings at this time," said Derek Burney, Corel's executive vice
president of engineering.

Corel will also build its desktop Linux offering around the Debian
GNU/Linux distribution, which already has one of the largest installed
bases in the Linux community, and is known for its stability and

"Debian has already made significant strides toward Linux on the
desktop, so this is a natural partnership," said Erich Forler, Corel's
Linux product manager. "The Linux community has also recognized that
Debian's Linux distribution is built around extremely clean code, and
their commitment to documentation within their code, and for the
applications, makes Open Source development more efficient and


PS: They get it right: Open Source is a trademark of SPI. Open Source
is managed by the Open Source Initiative ...

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