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Re: KDE/Qt and Debian/main

> However, being completely free software, I might just pay for Qt at some
> point if I found I really needed it.  Paying for it may give me the right
> to write non-free software, but that doesn't mean I'll do so.  People's
> complaint with Qt is that its license allows Troll Tech to accept payment
> to treat the code as if it were under the X license more or less.  I see
> nothing inherently evil about this.  I also don't see how this would be
> possible under the GPL.

how about releasing it under gpl, with a notice in the dist saying "for a
price, we will give you an x-licenced copy"?

(and by the way, isn't the windows version of qt strictly non-free? not that
it matters, really, four our purposes, but...)

feeding the flames,
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