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From [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GtkPlot-1.0 (fwd)


according to a recent discussion of plotting programs I'd like to
foreward the following message from the GTK+ user list.  I havn't
checked it myself because I don't have time now, but may be
someone else want to package it.

Kind regards


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Subject: [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GtkPlot-1.0
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GtkPlot is a widget for GTK+. It allows to draw high quality scientific
plots in two dimensions with a look and feel very similar to Microcal 
Origin for Windows. The distribution includes GtkPlotLayout, a simple
GtkLayout subclass, and a demo program showing two layered plots 
with different kind of curves. You can choose between a number
of symbol types, lines, connectors -straight lines, steps, splines-, and
change there attributes -color, size, width-. You can also plot functions, 
add error bars, edit legends, rotate and move axis titles, change axis
properties, etc.   

You can download it from:

This library is distributed under the GNU Public License.

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