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Re: Debian Menus (Was: Re: [PROPOSED] moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy)

"Juergen A. Erhard" wrote:
>     Chris> This is why *my* number one, absolute top priority for changes to the
>     Chris> current menu system is to put in a TOP LEVEL ENTRY NAMED "Help".  With
>     Chris> at least: "Debian Online Help" (currently hidden in Apps/Tools), Gnome
>     Chris> Help (currently in Apps/Viewers), tkinfo (currently in Apps/Viewers),
>     Chris> and xman (location unknown).  This is SOO important for novices!
> Right on...

> I'd propose (if I were a developer), to *not* put everything under the
> sun into the default menu.
> Instead, we should make it editable... such that, when the user first
> opens the menu, there are some (limited) defaults, like, one *std* app
> for each category (or maybe two)[1].
No. If I installed it, I want to use it, so it should show up on the
menu. If by default there is too much stuff installed, then that's a
problem of the defaults. If they've installed everything, they then
should get everything on the menus until they edit it using the menu
editor (which is a really good idea.)

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