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intent to package: vtun

i've already packaged this and will be uploading it later today.

 Virtual Tunnel over TCP/IP Networks

 VTun provides the method for creating Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP
 networks and allows to shape, compress, encrypt traffic in that
 tunnels.  Supported type of tunnels are: PPP, SLIP and most of other
 serial protocols and programs, Ethernet via Linux's EtherTap device.

 VTun is easily and highly configurable, it can be used for various
 network task like VPN, Mobil IP, Shaped Internet access, IP address
 saving, etc.  It is completely user space implementation and does not
 require modification to any kernel parts.

NOTE: it says that it supports encryption. at the moment, that means a
simple XOR "encryption" (i.e. not really encryption at all) so it should
be OK for US export. in the future, this package may have to go into

btw, the package (and my vtund-start perl wrapper script) is GPL.


craig sanders

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