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Re: Logo procedure and ideas

On Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 01:15:48AM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:

> - are just text or the letter D in a funny font

What is so wrong with this?  People like IBM, HP, Sun and "sgi" have
done this.  Maybe the results aren't particulary the world's greatest
logos, but they do the job of providing a clear, recognizable, and
distinct logo.  And besides, this gives us some fairly easy material
to work with.

There are professionals who are paid a lot of money, and who are very
good in their fields who get assigned tasks like this - it's not like
these big companies are just pulling these logos out of their
err.... hats.

We put 'd' or 'deb' in a lot of our package names - it's part of our
"brand", like K or G for KDE or Gnome, respectively.

As far as the candle brush and wrench, there are a couple of problems.
In grayscale, you start to lose information, and some people may have
trouble figuring out what these things are, and in BW, you've probably
lost everyone.

The other thing, is that it doesn't work very well visually, in its
present form.  Your eyes tend to follow the brush or candle away from
the logo, instead of centering on it (like the Dgl or the swirl).

A part from that, it feels a bit contrived...  Maybe that would
improve if someone elaborated on it a bit with the Gimp.

OTOH, the small versions look kind of pretty - it is a simple enough
image that it actually might make a good icon...

Some of the brainstorm ideas are good, though.  I was playing around,
and I think that "D" and "G" would make good gears crunching together.

Maybe something like:
|  _ \
| | | |
| |_| |
|____/ ____
      / ___|
     | |  _
     | |_| |

But with D and G being gears?

Maybe we should try and move this whole discussion to
debian-publicity, as it could really be a PITA for those who simply
don't care.

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