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Re: dpkg problems

Samuel Hocevar writes ("Re: dpkg problems"):
> On Thu, Apr 01, 1999, Gordon Russell wrote:
> > I must be missing something, but I cannot upgrade packages anymore. dpkg
> > reports that gzip reports that the data is not in gzip format. I believe
> > that dpkg is piping gzip an empty stream. I am working with unstable...
> > Any thought anyone? Please don't just say "upgrade", as this is clearly
> > not feasable!
> I saw a similar problem on a friend's slink. It was really weird and
> looked like a kernel problem. dpkg's behaviour was different depending
> on the filesystem .debs were on.
> When they were on an ext2 partition (including one mounted through the
> loopback device), dpkg would make the error you are reporting. But when
> they were on an iso9660 partition (on a CD or through the loopback) or
> via nfs, dpkg would behave correctly.
> To fix this, we nfs-exported the hard disk .debs were on to ourselves
> and it worked fine. Sadly I can't remember the kernel/dpkg/whatever
> versions.

If you mail me (or post) an `strace -f' of the fault we can see what
is going wrong.  If the filesystem is at fault this should be visible
in the strace.


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