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Request for packaging: lsof-2.2?

I don't know if this is quite proper form (or forum, for that matter), but
I'd like to request that sombody be nice enough to make a lsof-2.2 package?
I say 2.2 and not 2.2.[12345...] because with dcache, there is a stable
interface; I indeed seem to recall that even lsof recognises that and dosn't
complain about changing kernel versions.  It should be fairly trivial to do,
as the packaging is already all done.  (Not that I'd know; it'll be a bit or
two before I'm ready to send in my new-maintainter application.)

	-=- James Mastros
"My friend Data: You see the world with the wonder of a child, and that
makes you more human then any of us."
	-=- Lt. Tasha Yar, upon the occasion of her death.

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