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Re: Menu (was Re: suggestion for educational software section)

Chris Waters wrote:
> > The section in the menu is Apps/Educational (not verified with Joost yet,
> > but that's where I've been planning to put them).
> There is and has been an Apps/Educational section in menu (at least in
> my menu) which contains (on my system) something called "Arithmetic
> Quiz".
> ~ $ grep Educational /usr/lib/menu/*
> /usr/lib/menu/bsdgames:?package(bsdgames):needs="text" section="Apps/Educational" \
> So, either this is already acceptable, or someone needs to file a bug
> against bsdgames.  Come to think of it, that's your package, isn't it, JH?

That's right. It's worth noting that I authored the original spec of the
menu hierarchy, and I've been working with Joost to expand it as time goes
by. I haven't made that official yet because there was only 1 thing in it.
If more things come up that belong in an educational menu section, I'll talk
to Joost and we'll probably formalize that location.

> I talked to Joost about some re-org of the menus, and he was 
> reasonably amenable, but doesn't want to be in charge of making the 
> decisions, since he doesn't actually use the menu system himself, 
> apparently.  So, I'm going to bring some of my ideas up on -policy one 
> of these days, after I have a bit more time to review any earlier 
> discussions that may have occurred.  I'd like to see:    

We've been handling changes in an informal fashion as described above, but I
agree it's time to move the menu hierarchy into the policy document and
start making it be modified using the same methods as the rest of policy.

> 2) Apps/Mail
> 3) Apps/Browser  (for file and www browsers)
> and maybe
> 4) Apps/News

Yes Apps/Net badly needs to be split up.

see shy jo

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