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Re: email threat

I have no interest in the conflict between these two gentlemen.  However, I'd
like to point out a couple things.

First, if Mr. Raymond had published such a threat to the community at large, it
would have been inappropriate.  Mr. Perens is the one responsible for making
this disagreement such a spectacle.  If anyone ever published a private email of
mine on the Internet, I would never forgive them.

Second, Mr. Perens' suggestion that his life is in danger because Mr. Raymond is
a firearms enthusiast is childish.  This is akin to the fear that a friend is
planning to ruin you financially because they like to play the stock market. 
Being a firearms enthusiast says more about one's attitude towards government
than to individuals.  They are not psychopaths.  Don't derive your opinions from
the 5 o'clock news.

Justin Donnelly

> Today I received the following threat in e-mail from Eric Raymond. The message
> was copied to the Silicon Valley Linux User's Group officers, who you may
> consult regarding its authenticity. The police have been notified.
> Because I know that Eric is a firearms enthusiast, for my own protection,
> I feel the best strategy is for me to publicize the threat widely.
>         Thanks
>         Bruce Perens
> > Damn straight I took it personally.  And if you ever again behave like
> > that kind of disruptive asshole in public, insult me, and jeopardize
> > the interests of our entire tribe, I'll take it just as personally --
> > and I will find a way to make you regret it.  Watch your step.

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