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bash with syslog support

In FreeBSD I noticed zsh have syslog support. It can log every user's move.
That's great feature I needed in bash. There it is:


I hope it will be a standard feature in Debian's bash.

How use it?

You have to include example line to your /etc/syslog.conf:

local7.*	-/var/log/shell.log

and restart syslogd

Example of my /var/log/shell.log: 

Apr  5 13:30:39 cyan bash[22253]: dexter: "from"
Apr  5 13:30:40 cyan bash[22253]: dexter: "w"
Apr  5 13:30:41 cyan bash[22253]: dexter: "pine"
Apr  5 13:32:10 cyan bash[22312]: dexter: " PROMPT_COMMAND='pwd>&11;kill -STOP $$'"

Also it shows commands and cwd from Midnight Commander.
It's cool, isn't it? :)


Piotr "Dexter" Roszatycki

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