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Re: earlier frozen

On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 09:42:41PM +0800, Du Jun wrote:

> It seems that mandrake 5.3 get great success according to
> linuxmall's selling record.

I think it's because they've made lots of noise about being user

> I think one of the important reasons is that it introduces some new
> features earlier than redhat, such as kde, kernel 2.2, etc.  It
> seems that users are willing to upgrade to better desktop and
> stabler kernel as soon as possible.

New users who see something new and shiny and think they ought to be
running it.  As far as "stabler" kernels are concerned, I would put my
money on 2.0.36 or pre37.

> Since potato is going to use kernel2.2 and glibc 2.1 it will
> defenitely call more focus on it. so I suggest that we should frozen
> it as soon as possible to get ahead that other distributions so that
> it will cause more users change to debian.  I suggest that we should
> add KDE and GNOME into main distribution.

Others have mentioned the problems with KDE.  Glibc2.1 seems like it
will take a bit to get fully integrated and *stable*.

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