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Re: Gore2000 "Open Source"

> Sure it is sick, Al Gore doesn't seem to be willing to understand. But if
> it's Open Source why don't we just go ahead, get those Web-pages and set
> up lots of creative and funny Gore2000 pages and teach the well-known
> web-bots about it in order to create a hit-rate? I think this is more
> effective than undertaking any legal steps in this stupid case. Maybe
> there even should be a contest?
>                                   :*)

i'd thought of that... but sadly it's *not* open source. to quote the site:

   This is your web site -- it's Open Source -- and I want you to help us
   build it.

                           Paid for by Gore 2000, Inc.
                    Copyright [(C)] 1999 All Rights Reserved

if they do change their minds and actually free the page, it's definitely an
attractive option though. ;)

"For a price I'd do about anything, except pull the trigger: for that I'd
need a pretty good cause" -- Queensryche, "Revolution Calling"
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