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Re: Idea: a way to use /dev/modem symlinks safely

On Wed, Apr 07, 1999 at 12:26:52PM -0400, Avery Pennarun wrote:
> I think there are advantages to using /dev/modem, however, there is a big
> disadvantage that we already know about: if some programs use /dev/modem and
> others use /dev/ttySx, their lock files have different names and locking
> doesn't work correctly.  This means that mgetty conflicts with minicom,
> diald conflicts with efax, etc.

The solution is to use liblockdev library for implementing the lock.
Not only it is able to handle the /dev/modem -> /dev/ttyS? symlink, but
it is also able to handle the case when /dev/modem is created by mknod,
making a new device with the same major and minor numbers.

This library has been created for the purpose to standardize the lock of
devices (not only ttys) and superate the limits of the algorithm
suggested (or mandated) by FSSTND. It is compatible with that algorithm.

It also has a nice perl interface.

'dip' already uses it, but nothing else (AFAIK).
It would be a great improvement if _all_ packages use its service
instead of implementing their own "method".

Contact me for any need. I am also available for assistance in
implementing it into your program/package.

Ah, it's LGPL, obviously. (I would have preferred to GPL it, but it is
quite important that _all_ the programs in one machine use the same
locking method ...)

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