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Gore2000 "Open Source"

         <!-------Attention Open Source Enthusiasts!--------------------

                 A special message for Open Source Software enthusiasts:  We are
                 very interested in developing content that takes advantage of Open
                 Source software such as Linux.   For starters, we are conducting a
                 Gore 2000 Linux Screen Saver design competition among volunteers
                 to see who can build the best Gore 2000 Linux screen savers.  If
                 you would like to submit a Gore 2000 Linux screen saver for
                 consideration, or if you have ideas for this project, please
                 send an e-mail to:


                 Watch this space for more Open Source ideas and
                 volunteer opportunities.


If Gore 2000 selects your material for use on our website we will contact you with further legal requirements.

This is sick. Can't SPI do something to these flagrant trademark abusers?

Robert Edmonds

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