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Re: building Debian source packages

> I have installed a version of OSF/Motif 1.2.4 on my slink system.  I have
> debianized motif so it conflicts with lesstif.  I would like to install
> some Debian packages like ddd, plan, xscreensaver, etc.  I can build these
> packages from the Debianized source.  The question I have involves the
> dependecies of these packages.  Once I've built a .deb of something like
> plan, even though the binary is linked against my Motif, the dependency is
> still on lesstif and I can't install it.  What do I need to modify to get
> the dependencies right?  How does the ${shlibs:Depends} keyword work in
> debian/control in the Debianized source tree?

The problem is that both use the same lib name (lesstif has to so it can be
a replacement for Motif).  The only safe solution is to remove any lesstif
pacakges you have, then build a motif package.  Then apps can depends

Of course the other answer is to support the lesstif people.

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