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Re: php3 with datababe(informix)

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Chang-woo Park wrote:

> My linux is potato.
> I have installed php3, module for postgresql.
> (php3.07, Postgresql6.4.2 - using dselect)
> I cannot use pg_pconnect, others function..
> I don't know solution Error message that unsupported or undefined function.
> Option is turn on in /etc/php3/cgi/php3.ini, /etc/php3/apache/pnp3.ini
> I have tested in msql, but I have got same result.
> if you know, send me solution.

you should read /usr/doc/php3/README.Debian :)
(after installing php3-pgsql and/or php3-msql of course)

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