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Re: libstdc++2.8

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > I can find no version of libstdc++2.8 anywhere in slink main.
> It should be in oldlibs

This is true! Thanks!

The problem is that you can't tell this by looking at the Packages file,
probably because libstdc++2.8 does not have an entry in the override.slink

I suspect that this may cause dselect some problems ;-)

> > addressbook in slink depends upon wish
> > catdoc in slink suggests wish
> > html2ps in slink depends upon wish
> > sgrep in slink suggests wish
> > tkdiff in slink depends upon wish
> > tkfont in slikn depends upon wish
> wish is a virtual package.
Thanks, I figured that out when I started grepping the Packages

> I checked all the dependencies of slink before the release; unless I'm

While I haven't found anything yet (dispite the confusion of the Packages
file), but if you are using pkg-order to do this "checking" I should warn
you that some ORed dependencies are not identified, causing problems when
they are not provided, as it reports them satisfied when they are not.

> very mistaken all dependencies were satisfied (except for some stuff
> in non-US I think).

The "non-US" problem is only going to get uglier. I sure wish my
government were more "enlightened".


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