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strange bash problem on potato


 I've got a really strange bash problem on potato. I found it when I wanted
 to submit a bug report. The bug script always complains, that the package
 name should consist only of small letters. However, the package name I
 supplied did only contain small letters. The following script may be used
 to demonstrate the problem:

set -e

case i in
 [A-H]) echo Set [A-H]
 [A-K]) echo Set [A-K]

 On one of my systems this script says 'Set [A-K]', which is strange for
 several reasons. First, because this is wrong, and second, because [A-H]
 doesn't catch it.
 On another system, which seems to have the same versions of packages
 installed (I didn't check it in detail, but all obviously relevant
 packages are the same), the script outputs nothing. Okay so far, but even
 for substituting i="a" with i="A", I don't get any output. However, if
 replace [A-H] by [a-h] and [A-K] by [a-k], I get hits for i="a" as well
 as for i="A".

 I haven't filed a bug report yet because it's too strange. I'd like
 somebody to confirm this.


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