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Re: email threat

On Mon, Apr 05, 1999 at 10:48:59PM -0000, bruce@perens.com wrote:
> Today I received the following threat in e-mail from Eric Raymond. The message
> was copied to the Silicon Valley Linux User's Group officers, who you may
> consult regarding its authenticity. The police have been notified.
> Because I know that Eric is a firearms enthusiast, for my own protection,
> I feel the best strategy is for me to publicize the threat widely.

[..smelly pile of bullshit from ESR deleted..]

Can I call them or what?  I hate being right sometimes.

I would not take the threat seriously Bruce.  Eric has more intelligence
than that (though at this point I doubt he has a great deal more than
that..  I'm sorry but this qualifies in my mind as colossally stupid) and
it was all words with no force behind them.

I think making the threat public is probably a good thing under the
circumstances, but we should not go around proclaiming it's proof Eric is
unfit for the role he has placed himself in.  He's hanging himself, we
don't have to help him.

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