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Re: Intent to takeover: manpages-es

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Moving manpages to /usr/share/man is not policy yet.
> I'm quite sure that we said on debian-policy once that we could slowly
> start moving things?

As long as there are not any other package involved, yes.

In either case: what's the problem with amending policy *first* so that it
mention /usr/share/man instead of /usr/man everywhere?

I say this because it is not clear to me that we should allow manpages in
/usr/share/man yet.  We could wait one release between the man program
that supports /usr/share/man and the actual packages having manpages in
/usr/share/man. Only this way people using distribution "n" will be able
to use package "foo" from distribution "n+1" without having to install a
lot of things too.

Of course, this would be in a ideal world.

I understand that changing slink's man-db config file could be enough for
using a potato package in a slink system (question: it is?), so if you or
anybody else present a policy proposal, I'm sure you will get two
seconds quickly, and I will not object.

( I have ready a proposal for the info system, which I hope nobody will
object either :-)


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