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Re: Anacron/cron suggestion

> I made a suggestion about cron and anacron, but it probably got lost
> amongst the sendmail thread entitled "Make anacron a base package?" or
> whatever -- please change subject lines when the discussion goes way
> off subject!

Actually I never responded.  Got busy.
> My suggestion was to merge cron and anacron into one package

I have talked to the cron maint.  I think this is a little heavy
handed.  What needs to be done is that I be able to affect crontab
in some way.  This will be sorted out.  Like xdm being removed from
X, not everyone needs anacron.  and Debian should work as expected
from the start.  anacron would hide things that many people would
expect to see.

Debian is as much a server as a workstation.  We should keep this in

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