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Intent to takeover: manpages-es


    I'm working on manpages-es. I can't find the current maintainer,
    Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@feedback.net.ar>.

    The upstream site is http://ditec.um.es/%7Epiernas/manpages-es/
    Last relesased version is manpages-es 0.7a. The current debian
    version is 0.4a. There are 3.2M of traslated manpages but only
    1.6M of them in debian packages:

    $ du -h manpages-es-0.7a.pameli
    1.1M    ./man1
    656K    ./man2
    738K    ./man3
    148K    ./man4
    195K    ./man5
    5.6K    ./man6
    151K    ./man7
    213K    ./man8
    3.2M    .

    $ du -h manpages-es_0.4a.debian
    2.6K    usr/man/es/man1
    614K    usr/man/es/man2
    654K    usr/man/es/man3
    117K    usr/man/es/man4
    151K    usr/man/es/man5
    2.5K    usr/man/es/man6
    115K    usr/man/es/man7
    8.5K    usr/man/es/man8
    1.6M    usr/man/es
    1.6M    usr/man

    I'll upload a deb to http://www.ctv.es/USERS/csuarez/debian.html
    in a while. Most important changes are:

    * Upgrading fom 0.4a to 0.7a
    * Updating path: usr/man/es -> usr/share/man/es
    * Fixing all outstanding bugs.


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