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Re: [security question] creating tempfiles]

On Sat, 03 Apr 1999, James R. Van Zandt wrote:

> >Isn't there any alternative method for creating secure temporary
> >directories/files only with sh internals or binaries which are
> >available on _every_ system?

> If root will be running the script, and the file is not too big, you
> can create it in /etc, where ordinary users cannot create a symlink.

That's _very_ awful...
And it's no general solution because it only works for root.
Okay, a normal user can simply create the temporary directory in his
home (and set the environment variable TMPDIR accordingly), but these
are no real solutions but only workarounds, which doesn't work in all
environments (it's no good idea to locate TMPDIR on a NFS mounted
directory, because it's too slow, and you can run into trouble if
there is a quota on $HOME...).

So I'm still looking for some simple, portable and generally usable
solution. I can't believe that generations of Unix users didn't find
something like this. Did they all ignore security reasons?



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